Seascape 18 Masthead by Roger Kapsi

If you ever wondered about the Seascape 18's masthead cap, how it and the other hardware is fastened then here's the gist:

The Mast: Outer Diameter is 80mm, Inner Diameter is 70mm (i.e. wall thickness is 5mm).

The Cap: It's a solid hunk of plastic. 20mm think. It's held in place by something like 3M 4200 and the Dead End Eye Strap's screw. There is a little cutout for the upper screw of the halyard block.

The Hardware: The Dead End Eye Strap uses a self-tapering screw, the halyard block uses M5x30mm machine screws with big washers on the inside and nuts with Nylon locks. The Eye Strap appears to also use M5 machine screws and I'd say it's 16mm long or so. On the inside it's again backed by washers and nuts with Nylon lock.

Tiller-Lock by Roger Kapsi

Disclaimer: This implementation is based on Sven Orlowski's design [2]. 

The Seascape 18 has a strong weather helm and it's not really possible to leave the tiller unattended without some kind of locking mechanism. It's also something very useful to have when sailing alone. There are a few different designs out there like Sven Orlowski's "auto pilot" which this implementation is based on or let's say Thomas Nielsen's "2 second self steering system & battlestick velcro lock".

I was hesitant to make permanent changes to my Seascape 18 like drilling holes into the tiller tubes (Sven's design), or glue things to the hull that are likely not UV resistant and possibly a mess to cleanup (although I like the Velcro idea).

Here's my interpretation of a clean, reversible, non-destructive and no-mess tiller lock. Instead of the Nylon square rod I'd maybe recommend to use some other material that is a bit easier to work with. Maybe wood?

Nova-Sail NS360.Pro by Roger Kapsi

After a couple of weeks (or maybe it was days) of sailing Hérisson I started to look into some kind of Compass and/or Knotmeter. I was just browsing and wasn't necessarily looking for something Electronic. 

You will inevitably come across products such as Velocitek's Speed Puck, Pro Start and Shift but I didn't like them at all. Technically speaking they're fine products but they're oddly disjointed to satisfy some "class rules". The Speed Puck is IMHO too expensive for what it is and it lacks a (magnetic) Compass. The Pro Start is a bit better but again lacks a (magnetic) Compass. The Shift has the (magnetic) Compass but lacks the GPS. 

I then came across a company called Nova-Sail. There isn't much information about them on the Internet other than people saying they're popular among Dingy sailors in Europe. Coincidentally they had just released the NS360.Pro.

To keep things simple and short: I love it! It has the GPS for measuring speed, the Compass for heading and uses Bluetooth for data synchronization. And a bunch of other features which I'm not using.

Update: As of Firmware 1.8 there's also a NMEA broadcast feature.

Bonjour, Hérisson! by Roger Kapsi

This is a Blog about the adventures of a Seascape 18 named Hérisson. We bought Hérisson in March, 2017 after attending a test sail with Seascape USA in Miami and we took delivery in the last week of July, 2017 (long story). The evening before our scheduled test sail we went to the Marina to take a peek and on the way there I told my wife: "I'm scared that I'm going to like it".