Geeks / by Roger Kapsi

For instance, you might have the whole “going to dinner parties with the wife” thing in order to maintain a social norm. Meanwhile, you’d rather be in your garage tinkering with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino or something in your garage and making an anti-squirrel turret for your backyard.

As I’m getting older I’m realizing more and more that the hobbies I find intellectually satisfying are rarely something that can be plugged into a social component. As good (and intelligent) as my friends are, most of them wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon learning something interesting in Perl or building a robot for the fuck of it. We go out for drinks or to a diner or something like that. I’m finding that I have to divorce “intellectually stimulating” from “social interaction” more and more every day.

No wonder we spend all of our time in the basement. It’s the only place we can get any of the really interesting shit done, and almost no one wants to join us.
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