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ANN: Roger's New Lunch Policy

now that our team is complete I would like to announce my new lunch policy.

I've decided to no longer eat lunch in the office or at places that have no proper seating. -- Roger Kapsi 09/29/2008

This is an email I sent in September, 2008 to everyone at Livestream (formerly known as Mogulus) after I had been working for a year straight. My personal goals were to get out of the "not so great" office (an understatement) and eat some quality food for lunch. I din't care about the weather or if people would join me or not.

Some co-workers started to join me on a regular day-to-day basis. The most notable people are Ben, James, Rick and Paul. And let me tell you, we had some ridiculous lunches together.

But this blog post is not about our lunches. It's about our (Paul, Ben, Rick, James' and me) brain child called Lunch Discussion. It's a place to discuss, plan and rate your lunches with others (e.g. co-workers). The first step is to create a list of places you go for lunch. Users can pick places from the list and discuss whether or not they want to go there. By the time you come back it will ask you whether or not you went for lunch, where you went and if you liked it. The people who picked the place(s) you ended up eating at receive Karma points and you receive credit for eating lunch.

Over time you're building up collective and individual statistics such as: Best Restaurant, Most Eaten At, Best Picker and Fattest User. The statistics stay and the discussions get deleted for good every night. Each day is a new lunch discussion and you can explore the limits of Free Speech.

You need a Gmail account to get started. Just go to www.lunchdiscussion.com/signup and login.

Special thanks and extra Karma points go to Paul for taking the idea and turning into reality.

UPDATE: Paul released the source code on github.com. Enjoy and happy hacking!