BestBuy is Pathetic! / by Your Name

Honestly, BestBuy and all the other stores that want to check your receipt are pathetic morons!

I decided to buy my very first TV yesterday. It took me only 28 years! I did some research and figured the Samsung LN37A550 is the one I want.

I found one at the 23rd and 6th store in NYC. The box is somewhat big (mainly because of the pre-mounted stand) and a BestBuy employee helped me to carry it to the cab. As a matter of fact, he was carrying it and I did absolutely nothing.

At the door we were stopped by this pathetic moron who wanted to see my receipt. Wtf??? Honestly, wtf? How stupid must one be???

A little reality check:

  1. I've just spent more than $1000 in your store
  2. The box is being carried by a BestBuy employee

And you dare to ask me for the receipt and treat me like thief? Wtf is wrong with you people? That was the last time I bought something at BestBuy!